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About Us

ABE.com.ng is the Africa leading independent news aggregation service. Fully-automated, on a continuous basis, we display breaking news headlines linking to news websites all around the world.

Our mission is to help people provide unlimited and uninterrupted links access to the news they need to read in one click, and publishers with people to read the news they write on their websites, and by doing this ABE aim to be of one of the most valuable brands in the world.

ABE.com.ng is launched in 2018 with fewer than twenty news sources, today Abe.com.ng links to thousands of publications, from top news platform to alternative news sources.

We update and filter every breaking news articles in real time against our thousands of carefully crafted keyword-based topic specifications — delivering relevant links to users, and relevant readers to publishers every seconds.

The News posted on this website are Real and unique content, owned by their Authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Management of ABE.com.ng

All credits go to the Authors of these websites without their hard work ABE.com.ng would not exist.

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