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Rules and Regulation

The following are considered Rules and Regulations “We”, “us” or “ABE” means ABE Publishing Limited. Provide for our publishers

Attempting to manipulate in which sections of ABE links to your articles will appear, the ranking of articles within our Top Stories, or otherwise attempting to manipulate our Bot, will lead to permanent removal of your publication on our site.

Causing any duplicate articles to be published on our website (such as any article published under more than one URL or on a URL that has been changed).

If you need to republish an article with an updated headline, you must do so on the original URL. If you cannot do this, or if your updated headline is not automatically picked up by our Bot, you must contact us first to have the original headline and URL deleted from our system.

Only after the original has been deleted from our site may you republish the article under a new URL. You deleting the original article from your site or your feed will not result in it automatically disappearing from our feeds. Republishing that leads to duplication and may be considered an attempt to manipulate our Bot.

Causing any off-topic articles to be published on ABE, including but not limited to competitions, offers or discounts, updates about one’s own website, or advertorial, or articles containing any editorial written purely for the purpose of providing paid links (such as to betting websites).

Using sectarian, racist, defamatory or libelous language; hate speech; excessive or inappropriate profanity or insulting language. Content must abide by the constitutional laws of Nigeria, or any other relevant jurisdiction.

Displaying an excessive amount of advertising, or advertising that is otherwise overly obtrusive, impinging on the reading of articles, or for a product or service unsuitable for our audience.

Serving article pages that are excessively large in download size and/or are poorly optimized for either desktop or mobile devices.

Moving or removing the ABE logo from its agreed position on your site, or altering its appearance or implementation, except by prior arrangement will lead to permanent removal of your publication on our site.

Any action or activity that in our sole judgments may affect the perceived quality or integrity of our website services or that risks bringing ABE or its services into disrepute will be consider as breaches.

  • Sponsored content

We do not allow content that conceals or misrepresents sponsored content as independent, editorial content.

  • Deceptive behavior

We do not allow sites or accounts that impersonate any person or organization, or that misrepresent or conceal their ownership or primary purpose. We do not allow sites or accounts that engage in coordinated activity to mislead users. This includes, but isn’t limited to, sites or accounts that misrepresent or conceal their country of origin or that direct content at users in another country under false premises.

  • Hateful content

We do not allow content that promotes violence or harassment against an individual or group based on ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

  • Personal and confidential information

We do not allow the sharing of a private person’s confidential and personally identifiable information (e.g. medical records or financial information).

  • Copyrighted content

We do not allow content that infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights and will respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. Repeated infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyright, will result in account termination.

  • Graphic violent content

We do not allow content that incites or glorifies violence. We also do not allow extremely graphic or violent materials for the sake of disgusting others.

  • Sexually explicit content

We do not allow content that features explicit sexual imagery primarily intended to cause sexual arousal.

  • Dangerous and illegal activities

We do not allow content that promotes or facilitates dangerous activities or illegal activities, including self-harm, such as self-mutilation, eating disorders, or drug abuse. We also do not allow content used to threaten or organize violence or support violent organizations.

  • Spam and malware

We do not allow excessive repetitive content, misspellings, or gimmicky character use. We also do not allow links to malware, viruses, or other harmful software.